Dirty Hands

I had planned to wander around¬†Chandni Chowk but the rains were coming down hard. I was already partly soaked from just crossing the street. I thought it best to head back to the New Delhi subway and back to the hotel. I sent Dempy a message on WhatsApp to see if she wanted anything. She asked me to pick up a snack¬†and a Limca soda. As I made my way to the subway I stopped at one of the vendors selling soda and sandwiches, relieved that it was a covered section to save me from the oncoming downpour. ¬†I grabbed a couple of bottles of pop and some bags of chips. As I was putting the items into my bag a young girl, no more than 4 or 5 came up beside me and pointed to the sandwiches behind the glass and looked up at me with soft brown eyes. Thinking about it now, she may have been wearing purple and flimsy flip flops but I am not certain. I can’t remember if she was wearing a dress or sari or anything else for that matter. I couldn’t tell you if her hair was pulled back or hanging down by her face. What I do remember was that she was so small and had dirty hands. I turned to the vendor and asked him for a sandwich for her and handed him the money. As soon as the sandwich was in my hand 2 young boys came running over and asked for items. For a second I thought to buy them something as well then thought it would attract more of a crowd and I’d be overwhelmed and suddenly change my mind. ¬†To help her, to help this young girl was the one thing that I could do. I said to the boys “No. Just her…because she’s a girl”. Often girls can have it tougher, no matter where in the world they are. This one I could do something small for. ¬†We stepped away from the vendor and I handed her the food and napkin. It was packaged in plastic. Her tiny fingers struggled with the plastic so I opened it for her, noticing how dirty her hands were. I wished for a wet nap or something to wipe them clean. I pulled out half of the sandwich and she smiled, took a bite and walked away into the crowd. I stood there for a moment before heading on my way. A man touched me on the shoulder and said “God bless you” and smiled. All I really remember are her dirty hands.

Sunday’s Special – The Colosseum, Rome

As much as I like researching obscure and lesser known whereabouts (at least to me) to feature on Sundays, now and then it is good to post about famous landmarks around the world. Afterall, they are well known for a reason. Rome’s Colosseum¬†is no exception. A truly stunning building that I was able to see a very long time ago and hope to see once again in the foreseeable future.

Started in 72 C.E. by Roman Emperor Vespasian, it took eight years to complete the oval amphitheatre with its eighty arched entryways and an over 50,000 spectator capacity. Under the rule of Emperor Titus the world’s largest amphitheatre was completed in the year 80 C.E. It was in use for centuries as a battleground for Rome’s infamous gladiators as well as used for chariot racing, battle re-enactments, and gruesome events such as executions of both people and animals.

Despite much of the building destroyed due to earthquakes and stone robbers of years past this ancient edifice boasts throngs of tourists and visitors hoping to glimpse a piece of history and stunning age-old architectural design.  Officially built as The Flavian Amphitheatre, it truly is a sight worth seeing.

Photo credit – Wikimedia Commons Public Domain by Kevin Brintnall

Roman Colosseum Rom

The Colosseum, Rome

Photo Credit – Wikimedia Commons – Taken by User Cynageorge


The Colosseum at lit up at night

Photo credit – Wikimedia Commons Public Domain by Fubar Obfusco

Interior of Roman Colosseum

Interior of Roman Colosseum

Sunday Special – Dude Chilling Park, Vancouver

How often does a prank end up becoming an official art installation? Well at least once. Here in my city of Vancouver that exact thing happened. It was just  a bit fun that ended up becoming permanent after the locals in the neighbourhood thought it fitting to the area.

Back in 2012 a then mystery prankster decided to replace¬†an official park sign with one that mimed the exact signs posted by the Vancouver Park Board, but with a different name. Guelph Park in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood was, according to the signage, now given a new name – a cool name¬†–¬†a name to reflect a long standing sculpture by artist Michael Dennis.¬†The name placed upon this fictitious park placard was “Dude Chilling Park”.¬† Since the sculpture resembled ‘a dude chilling in the park’ it was a suitable change. Alas, the false sign was removed by officials, much to the disappointment of the neighbourhood. So much so that a resident of the area set up a petition to garner support. It worked. With 1,500 signatures in favour of reinstating the sign, Parks Vancouver did just so in 2014. And there you go, sometimes a prank goes awesome!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – User: The Interior

Dude Chilling Park sign, Vancouver, BC

Dude Chilling Park sign, Vancouver, BC

Photo Credit – City of Vancouver Public Art Registry

Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis

Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis