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Before departing Canada I imagined that I would be uploading photos and stories on a continual basis. It seems I was mistaken. It certainly is not because I have purposely neglected writing. I have had a nagging in the back of my head telling me I need to post more often. Part of my neglect is because I do not want to be the person that is continually on their tablet. I have my phone with me often enough so the tablet is yet another distraction. Additionally, using my little point-and-shoot camera to take photos over my camera phone ( as I have a few more features on it) has me uploading photos less frequently than if I only used my camera phone. Finally, often I’m hanging out with hostel mates – laughing while playing Cards Against Humanity, having great conversations while making dinner or going out for a drink is just more appealing. I apologize for the neglect.

But here I am now. I have covered some ground since my last detailed post about Bath, “Magical Waters”. I don’t think that I will write such long entries for the time being. And it  seems that I am still having issues when trying to post more than 2 or 3 photos. So I have decided that I will just post a few pics and a small blurb, however, I will do it more frequently (I hope). There will be no order, just pretty pics.


Hungary's Parliament Buildings overlooking the Danube River
Hungary’s Parliament Buildings overlooking the Danube River

Matthias Church, Budapest

All photos owned by Wanders The World/Eeva Valiharju.

What I’ve Learned About Travel – Part II

I left Vancouver 5 months ago today. And it has been just over 4 months since I left Canada. It hardly seems so long. I have settled into a routine with my travels. I know my rhythm. I know when I need to rest. I know what sets me off. I still get nervous with new locations. I value the small victories.  Here are a few more things I’ve learned thus far:

  1. I still can’t sleep well the night before traveling to a new destination
  2. I know exactly what I like in a hostel. Some I never want to leave. Besides things like location, safety, cleanliness, kitchen & working WiFi the difference is the staff and the people I meet. That makes ALL the difference. 

  3. Not all ATMs will accept your card. Just go to the next one. 

  4. English is spoken in every big city or tourist town in Europe, especially by young people. Though still try to learn at least “thank you” in every language you encounter. I will never forget the smile on a woman’s face when I said “hvala” to her (Slovenian). 

  5.  Be careful when saying “cheers” in Hungarian. Saying “egeszsegedre” means “to your health”. Unless you pronounce it as I did & end up saying “to your butt”. Whoops. 

  6. I drink WAAAYYY too much beer (bier, biere, pivo).  I’m even acquiring a taste for good lagers (but I’ll always be an ale gal).

  7. Central & Eastern Europe is super cool & I love the area. That is why I’m still here.

  8. Laundry day is still a good day

  9. Travel guilt always exists. 

  10.  Finally – it is so great to meet people in your hostel. You make “insta-buddies”, yet many can become good friends. 


Brief Update

I do apologize for the lack of posts. I have not tired to see if World Press is still being a stickler on uploading photos. I am behind a bit in posting about adventures and musings of travel life. It seems my time has been busy planning or enjoying the Irish pub music scene. I had a fantastic time in Dublin & Killarney. So much so that I was sad to leave. Alas, it was time to live on. I arrived in Berlin, Germany last night & am here until Thurs where I make my way to Prague, Czech Republic. Further east after that with India on the horizon. I do need to sit down while here in Berlin to plan my next legs. I had planned to do that in Killarney but was taken surprise by the activities and people I met that I barely planned a thing. I need to hanker down a bit today and proceed with bookings. I may be doing a diservice to Berlin by sitting in my hostel but it has to be done. In my defence I have taken a walking tour and learned a fair bit. 

As I leave you, I have uploaded (via my phone) a photo of the famed Brandenburg Gate. 


Photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju/Wanders The Worlds