Sunday Special – Penang, Malaysia

This state in the northwest is partly on Peninsular Malaysia and the rest on Penang Island. I visited the capital of Georgetown which is located on Penang Island. I have to say it is my favourite place in Malaysia. A bustling centre known for amazing food, it did not disappoint. My tastebuds were amazed. Add the cool street art and the old colonial-era building (all with stories to tell I’m certain) and I was very taken with this gem of Malaysia. Additionally Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World

Around Georgetown

A Chinese Temple

A local mosque

Colonial-era architecture

The colours of Penang

Penang Street Art

One of many pieces of wire art around Georgetown

Man in a Rickshaw – it’s a huge mural on the side of a building

One of Penang’s more famous pieces of street art

Another mural on a wall

A smaller wire art installation

This wall mural wash down the street from our hostel


One of the many hawker stalls, each serving one or two specific dishes

Adding fresh-made sambal sauce and fresh curry leaves to one of our dishes at cooking class

Angle bean salad, again made at cooking class

Nasi Lemak, THE dish of Penang and oh-so-good (cooking class)

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre

Chicken, beef and lamb satays with peanut sauce

Char Koay Teow – a yummy chicken & noodle dish

Have no idea what’s in it but probably the best noodles ever!

Sunday Special – Tribute to My Travel Mascot

This may appear as an odd choice for the Sunday Special, yet my missing friend has been a vital part of my travel experiences. For those who have not read about my recent loss (which was posted on the Facebook page), I carelessly left my beloved Ms Brown in the seat-front pocket when flying from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur. I had removed her from her usual spot on my purse, hanging from one of the strap loops, in order to take a few photos. As takeoff commenced I quickly stowed her on the seat-front pocket. Upon disembarkation I left her there as I only removed my book and overlooked her tiny stuffed self at the bottom of the pouch. It was not until I was at my hotel that I realized my error. Too far and too late to return to the airport in search of her, I realized my travel mascot was lost to me. I can only hope that she is on a grand adventure of her own. Fortunately, we live in an online world and I hope to buy another – a Ms Brown 2.0.

Below find some of Ms Brown’s previous adventures around the world. 

All photos owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World 


Ms Brown in Dublin, Ireland on a bench that a tree grew around


Ms Brown peering into the glass of beer she downed! What a lush! 😛


Enjoying frites in Belgium


Hanging out with Robin Hood in Nottingham


Enjoying a swim in a pool in Santorini


Wowed by the beauty of the Taj Mahal


Ms Brown back during the big travel mascot decision which she won



Hello!! Well my travel time is nearing its end. I have not been posting much, I know, but it’s a bit hard with just a phone. Oh who am I kidding? We all know I rarely post while travelling – the stories will come later. Myanmar has been good yet tinged with some gastrointestinal distress and poor sleep. Despite that, I hope to visit again to see more than Yangon and Bagan. Here are a few pics! Oh & I went hot air ballooning too!!

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World


Bagan (which is filled with pagodas beyond numbers & best seen by renting an E-bike or moped):

The stuff on my face is made from a particular tree bark and is used as sunscreen – it was offered to me left, right & centre LOL

Happy travels!

In Myanmar 

I do apologize for not posting as much as I intended. It has been a busy & fun trip. I extended my time in Malaysia a couple of days as S and I were having so much fun. Langkawi was a bust so we headed to Malacca and then Singapore. After that it was a flight for me to Yangon, which is where I am now. Most of my photos are on my other camera and uploading them has been a bit of a process so my camera phone photos will have to do. I’m off to Bagan tomorrow. 

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World 

Malacca, Malaysia


Back to Malacca pics (oops)

Happy travels!