Sunday Special -Dolni Morava Skywalk, Czech Republic

It looks like an over-sized roller coaster but is actually an elevated looped walkway that ends with a crazy 150.5 m (330 ft) slide downward. If heights don’t bother you (or you want to face your fear of heights) then the Dolni Morava Skywalk in the eastern side of the Czech Republic is for you. I personally am frightened looking at it yet am intrigued. I have no idea if I could walk 55 m (180 ft) above ground on an open-air sidewalk. Add that it its location on a hilltop brings you to 1116 m (3661 ft) above sea level (with an amazing view of the Morava River) and I would be begging to kiss the ground. Then again, that slide sounds freakishly fun and I may be open to go in the face of my fear for a fast ride. Recently opened in December 2015 the Skywalk is located in the resort town area of Dolni Morava. In addition to the Skywalk there is skiing, sledging, snowpark, hiking, water park, adventure trails and much more.

To get an idea of the height of the Skywalk, check out some videos on YouTube.


Dolni Morava Skywalk, Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Dolni Morava Relax and Sport Resort.

Sunday Special – Batu Caves, Malaysia

Head out north of Kuala Lumpur for 13 km/8mi and you will come up to the Batu Caves. This area is not only known for its interesting series of limestone caves but for being a major Hindu shrine (honouring Lord Murugan, also known as Lord Subramanian). The main temple area consists of three main caves and several small ones in addition to a large statue of Lord Murugan. Batu Caves also  hosts the annual Thaipusam Festival, a Hindu pilgrimage attracting followers worldwide. In addition, these 400 million year old limestone caves have become popular with rock climbers in recent years. A spot that is immensely popular with tourists it is easy reached by public transit or taxi. There are tour groups offering day trips however its ease of getting there on your own is a viable option. Once there be vigilant of the local monkeys trying to steal your food.



Lord Murugan statue, Batu Caves. Photo credit: Taken and owned by Bhadani at English Wikipedia – Wikimedia Commons


Shrine at Batu Caves – Photo Credit: Taken and owned by Descon7 – Wikimedia Commons


Temple at Batu Caves – Photo Credit: taken and owned by Agsrivaths – Wikimedia Commons

Sunday Special – Goa, India

Beaches, waves and a hippie-esque laid back vibe gives this former Portuguese colony a unique flair. The smallest Indian state but one that attracts people from all over to enjoy the mix of its former culture with that of its present one. I was in Goa in June which was the start of the rains. And rain it did!  Although much of the beaches were not suitable for lounging it was great to see waves crash and watch magnificent cloud formations while the rains were at bay. Despite that and long power outages due to the long and heavy downpours I am keen to return to Goa, however that will be in the drier months of November to February.

Located in Western India, facing the Arabian Sea this area sees an influx of over 2 million tourists yearly. A very lush area that is dotted with hotels, villas and hostels it has something for all beach lovers. The largest city is Vasco de Gama and Panaji is the state capital. My familiarity with Goa is definitely the beach “towns” as I visited a few of them including Anjuna, Baga and Vagator, the latter being one I stayed in. The following photos of mine will show a bit of it.

Photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju/Wanders The World