Holiday Break

Hello everyone! Well the holiday season is upon us and for many this is a hectic time. I am not exempt so I will be putting the weekly Sunday Special on hold until January. I hope everyone has a wonderful December! See you in the New Year. Happy travels!

­čÖé Eeva 

P.S. I’m off to Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma) at the end of January so keep an eye out for pictures and posts from there! 

Sunday Special – Malta

The island archipelago nation of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Despite being made up of several small isles only three are inhabited. These are Malta, Comino and Gozo. Even with its small area it has a history to rival many larger countries. Over thousands of years it has brought forth countless world powers – Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French, British and the Knights of the Order of St John, to name a few. Now Malta is an independent nation and part of the European Union (EU). Aside from history showcased in old temples, historical forts, archaeological sites and world-class museums Malta boasts other attractions. Stunning grottoes, red or golden sand beaches and its own Blue Lagoon (on Comino Island) that beckons sun-worshipers and water sport aficionados alike. Shopping and dining are in abundance as well.


Malta’s Blue Lagoon – Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Taken and owned by Bengt Nyman┬á

By Bengt Nyman from Vaxholm, Sweden (IMG_0959) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Evening view of Valleta, capital city of Malta – Photo is Public Domain


Valetta, Malta – Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned by Tony Hisgett

By Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK (Valetta 10 Uploaded by tm) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday Special – Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada

This weekend I took an overnight trip to the capital of my province of BC:  Victoria. It has been a number of years since I had been there and as a result I have forgotten what a nice little city it is to visit. Located on the southern portion of Vancouver Island, my travel companion and myself arrived via the short ferry ride with BC Ferries and then hopped a public bus for the hour long ride into town (I don’t own a car). 

The main purpose of this short sojourn was to visit a temporary exhibit at The Royal BC Museum, located on Belleville Street, right in the heart of the city. The exhibit that I was interested in was about mammoths! Yes those big, oversized creatures that once roamed the earth. It was a great exhibit with plenty of information. The displays included fossilized bones, reconstructions of these glorious giants and numerous videos and information placards (of which I watched and read all). What I found the most interesting was a section dedicated to Lyuba. Lyuba was a month-old baby Woolly Mammoth that was incredibly preserved and fully intact when she was discovered in 2007 in northern Russia. She had been frozen in the tundra for tens of thousands of years! The discovery of Lyuba was integral in learning more of these amazing creatures and their similarities with elephants. 

Below are some of my photos from the exhibit. The quality is limited due to low lighting and no flash use but you’ll get the idea. Additionally, if you are ever in Victoria I do suggest a visit to the Royal BC Museum. They have permanent collections (of which I will go another time to visit) and temporary exhibits for months at a time. 

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World. 

Information placards


Lyuba in her well-preserved condition


Woolly Mammoth information placard

Information placard

Big bones! They’re the real deal.

Replica of a Columbian Mammoth – the biggest kind!

Information placard

Mammoth proportions!

Up to 16 feet long!!!

All sorts of mammoths

Mastodon skeleton replica

Information placard

Elephant skull replica

Elephants are relatives of mammoths

Evolution happening due to poaching. Stop poaching!!

This saddening and frightening.

Replica of a Woolly Mammoth

Sunday Special – Bali, Indonesia

The fall weather continues its descent here in Western Canada. Although this part of the country does not experience the frigid cold weather associated with Canada we do get dampness to our bones from the rain that accompanies this season. The yearly tradition of folks discussing getaways to warmer locales continues. With this tradition at heart, today will be another warm destination.

The island province of Bali, Indonesia is located east of Java. Easily known to many as a sun destination, ┬áthe Island of the Gods has much more to offer. The southern region of Bali is among the most visited for these lush warm beaches yet the north also offers beaches – black sand beaches. The south also is popular with surfers and those enjoying an active night life. At the centre of the island is the city of Ubud. It is known as a cultural centre and offers much to see and do. The area offers popular cycling paths, beautiful trekking opportunities, historic Hindu temples, a plethora of colourful Balinese cultural performances, tasty cooking classes and more. Head to the east to visit Mount Agung, a stunning volcano with strong meaning to the island’s inhabitants. It seems to me that the small island of Bali has much to offer!


Balinese Food – Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons – Taken and owned by Ubud Writers Festival

By Ubud Writers Festival [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Balinese Dancer – Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons – taken and owned by Yves Picq

By Yves Picq (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Sanur Beach, Bali – Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons – Taken and owned by Inkey

By Sanur_Beach_Panorama_Hariadhi.jpg: Hariadhi derivative work: Inkey [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons