Me about to head out caving in Budapest, Hungary.

Me about to head out caving in Budapest, Hungary.

Transplanted from northwestern Ontario, Canada I am now a bonafide west coast BC girl dreaming of the world. I love to travel. I did  fair bit of travelling years ago. I then took a hiatus to return to school and start my second career.  I set my sights on going RTW (Round-The-World). I began my journey on 16Nov14 and will traveled until 26Jun15. I did not make all the way around the world. It ended up being “The Europe and India Tour” and was the best thing I ever did for myself. I truly know the meaning of the saying “it’s the journey not the destination”. Since then I have crossed a couple of oceans and continents all so that I can wander. This blog is a small record of my travels and places that interest me in addition to what is going on in Vancouver. It serves as a small collection of my experiences, lessons learned, and my thoughts. And a few pictures too. I will continue to travel and research places of interest. I hope you enjoy this little corner of the blog world and feel free to comment on my posts or ask questions.



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