Found along the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls provides a stunning border for Zambia and Zimbabwe. The stunning wall of water that plummets from its ledge spans over 1,700 m/5600 ft. There are six gorges that feed water into the Zambezi. Nearby towns of Livingstone, Zambia and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe offer excursions to see the incredible falls.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Photo credit – Wikimedia Commons: Public Domain

Bad Dreams

I hate bad dreams. They stick with me long after I have awoken. I have posted before about my dream life. I have always been a vivid dreamer. Some dreams bizarre, some happy and inevitably a few nightmares. The dreams I recall either amuse me or prompt me to discover what my brain and subconscious are dealing with. In this case I would rather not think about it. However, it keeps invading my waking thoughts.

Before I disclose the images of last nights dream you need to know that I am very afraid of wasps and hornets (and bees). I have been stung eight times, all during my childhood. The last time was by a rogue wasp that somehow flew down the back of my top when I was walking along a creek with friends. I was thirteen at the time. That single wasp stung me six times. My back and shoulders were filled welts, some the diameter of an mandarin orange. I remember craning my neck with my back to the mirror to see the damage this small fighter inflicted on me with just small doses of its venom. And the pain! I shudder just thinking about it.

Last night I had a dream about Africa. I long to visit Namibia on Africa’s southwest coast. I also want to see the cradle of life – Ethiopia. Tunisia and South Africa are on that list as well. It is no wonder I dreamed of this vast continent. But this dream, this dream I had was not an enjoyable one. I do not recall many images, instead I recall feelings. Panic, discomfort, stress, pain and fear. I recall thinking and feeling that this is not what my trip there should be like. I recall crying. The one image I do remember is being told by someone I do not know that I have to let the wasps land on me, that I had to have them swarm me. Not to move and allow myself to be a statue of wasps. I was saying “no, no, NO”. I could hear the incessant buzzing and refused to let these creatures overtake me. I saw that if I did that the rapid beating of my heart would be too much and they would fight and sting me over and over. I was scared, so scared but I refused to give in. I woke up with a start.

Relieved that it was just a dream I tried to settle back to sleep. I woke up with my alarm and the sun, yet I felt incredibly sad. Sad that my mind imagined a trip to Africa in such a way. Or was it something else? Sad that I still have fear of the unknown about my RTW trip? Sad that I did not face my fear? I tried to see the positive. At least in my dream I made it Africa. Perhaps I stood my ground against something I thought was not in my best interests. Maybe I am reading more into than I need to. Maybe it was just a nightmare and I should leave it at that. If only I could – for now the swarming wasps keep coming back to me. I still feel sad today, though not as much as earlier. I try to imagine that my trip will be amazing as it should be.


Noisy, bustling, colourful, spicy, cultural – a beauty within a hectic design draws people into the magic of Marrakesh. Not the largest of Morocco’s cities (Casablanca, Fes and Rabat precede it in size) yet possibly the most recognized. The souks (covered markets) alone come to mind when I think of this captivating city.  The maze of stalls filled with tasty foods, exquisite fabrics, colourful glassware, and enticing spices all the while honing haggling skills can make one’s head spin, I imagine. Add ancient city walls, stately mosques, numerous palaces and beautiful gardens, one can see why travelers flock there.  Even French fashion designer Yves St Laurent owned a home here. In 2008, his ashes were scattered in Majorelle Gardens after his death.


I expect I will be wowed and overwhelmed by this incredible city when I finally visit.

Photo credit: Flickr – Ivan Serra


No, this is not about the Dreamworks film of the same name. It is about the island country of the Republic of Madagascar.  With indigenous wildlife making upwards of 90% of that found on the island it is a bio-diverse locale indeed. However, years of human consumption has caused an increase in de-forestation and many animals are endangered or extinct. We really are a destructive lot (my personal opinion).

The majestic Baobabs (Adansonia) trees towering over the land. A island filled with beaches, tropical forests, highlands, escarpments, lakes and incredible flora and fauna, I imagine Madagascar a place like no other.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, owned by: Attis 1979