Sunday Special – Terrace, Canada (where I am now)

This weekend I am visiting my sister in northern British Columbia in a small town called Terrace. As I come up here every year I have posted some info about the area before, though each visit is always different. This post will stray from its usual format as it will be photos of our activities here. Food, friends and furry creatures will be showcased. The fall colours here are quite spectacular, despite the gray clouds plump with rain, waiting to catch us unprepared and having us escape to warm fires. My best friend has joined me on this weekend getaway, after all she is family. Visits consist of errands, dog walks, dinner parties and pumpkin carving. Having been up here so many times previously the touristy activities are now moot. These trips are definitely ones where ‘hanging with the locals’ is expected – LOL. Sadly for me I have acquired a miserable head cold That has me napping and bonding with a box of facial tissue. The napping is not so bad. Here is a showcase of my weekend. If you want to know more about some great places to see in Northern BC, visit my previous post here.

Carving away

The finished products

Mine is on the left

Apples from the backyard tree will be used for apple sauce

Furry buddies

Fenwick in his puppy coat

Hilarious night playing games

Autumnal foliage

All photos taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju/Wanders The World


Surviving the Wait

That may sound like a ridiculous title since I have been waiting to see my life’s goal materialize for years and years. I will be waiting (and working towards it) some more too. Good thing is that I know it will happen soon enough. Still, the wait can appear soooo long. That is why I like small “mini-trips” (I would call them weekend getaways but this one is during the week). A few days here or there seems to break up the seemingly long days of saving, planning and waiting. A small high on this journey. 

As of RIGHT NOW I am on transit heading to one of my best friend’s home where five of us will pile into a car, cruise to the BC Ferries terminal and board a ferry to cross the Straight of Georgia. We will alight on Vancouver Island to continue on a scenic drive to Tofino!!! Tofino is Vancouver Island’s gem. Although  a surfing mecca it offers visitors so much more: beaches, nature, relaxation and occasionally incredible thunder storms. It is my first visit there. I have yet to hear a negative comment about Tofino. 
I am so very excited for this getaway. A chance to wander through new-to-me spaces and celebrate a dear friend’s birthday (all without breaking the bank) is the perfect remedy to break up the monotony of the wait. 


I just returned from an extended weekend trip to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I stopped in Kelowna and Penticton, 2 cities in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. An area known for it’s wineries, fruit orchards and hot, dry summers it’s easy to see how one can be taken in by the natural beauty that surrounds it.

View of Okanagan Lake from Therapy Vineyards. It is located on the Naramata Bench in Penticton, BC, Canada

I took this picture at Therapy Vineyards, which was one of 7 vineyards that I visited with friends. This was the 4th one on our “tour”. We visited 3 in Kelowna area and 4 on the Naramata Bench in Penticton, BC. Well worth it!