The Appeal of…Part IV

Asia, the world’s largest and most populous continent. It is a vast area to cover with much to see. So where in Asia am I drawn to? Where will I sojourn?

I am of the mind that there are certain places everyone should visit given the opportunity, whether there is an interest in it or not. These places I view as being like no other. Two of them are in Asia: India and Thailand. Now is this idea a valid one? Perhaps, perhaps not. There is only one way to confirm this in my mind. Yep, you know it – to go there and see for myself.

The Appeal Of:


Oh where to begin? Descriptions that make their way to my ears conjure images like no other country does. Assorted religions, numerous languages, curious customs and life ripe with colours, smells and sounds both grab my attention and intimidate me¬†simultaneously. Yet, amid this muddle of an image I have, I very much want to “get” India.¬†


The allure of this destination is strong yet it is very unlikely that I will be able to visit during this RTW trip. I will get there, just perhaps not this time around. I am intrigued by this¬†Himalayan¬†country where “Gross National Happiness” is a mandate and modern technology is adopted slowly and warily.

Everything. Pretty much everything I have heard or read about Vietnam incites me to hop on a plane and check it out. 


Although I am not religious I do find much religious architecture beautiful and fascinating. The Hindu temple of Angkor Wat is no exception. It is the primary pull for me.


An archipelago country of over 17,000 islands – you know you will have plenty to see and do. Jakarata, Borobudur Temple, the islands of Flores and Sulawesi, beaches and Komodo dragons (Komodo Island). I think I may just spend an obscene amount of time in this country.


Truthfully, I aim to visit Malaysia for its food. It has been oft-repeated that food is the best in its country of origin. The Malay food I have tried in Vancouver is mouth-watering, savory and oh-so-heavenly. If it is better in Malaysia then chances are considerable that I may never return.


As I stated previously, Thailand is one of the places in the world that I think everyone should visit. And that is the only reason I will go. I may send shock waves to die hard Thai fans but I have no desire to visit Thailand. I do think it is a unique locale, however, I am just not feeling it. Though, that is the reason I will go. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. Or not. I guess I will wait and see.

2 more continents left…onto Australia!!


The Appeal of…Part III

Africa, where life began for us homo sapien sapiens. We evolved and grew from this place and then wandered out to, well in essence, where we are now. Both the world’s second largest and second most populous continent, Africa appears to me as distant as the moon, literally and¬†figuratively. So many countries, so many cultures, so many rumours one hears of its state of being¬†(true or not)¬†and so many amazing animals. It is not a wonder that Africa attracts my attention.

I can thank my two BFFs for some of the incentive over the years. One BFF’s mother spent time in Africa many years ago. My other BFF actually lived in Africa for several years. From them I listened to tales about this great land mass. And finally, the biggest draw for me comes down to cats,BIG CATS. And elephants. And giraffes. And Timon and Pumbaa (come on, I loved The Lion King). So where do I plan to go?

The Appeal of:


Some of you will laugh, others will shake their heads and finally some will be agree wholeheartedly. I want to go to Tunisia to see the planet Tatooine. Yes, I want to visit Tunisia to see the Star Wars set. As I said here, my reasons for wanting to go somewhere are varied. It is a straightforward reason of why I mainly want to visit. The cities of Tunis and Sfax are a draw as well and it is accessible via ferry from Malta.

South Africa:

Remember how I said my BFF lived in Africa? Well, South Africa was one of those countries. Capetown to be exact. So, naturally, I want to visit the country where she spent so many years (and it would be great if she joined me Рhint hint). I also want to know about the country that gave the world that great man, Nelson Mandela. 


Easy enough – I want to volunteer at N’a/an Kuse Foundation in Namibia (outside of Windhoek). They do wonderful work with wildlife (Carnivore Conservation, Wildlife Sanctuary) and the local San Bushmen (Lifelines Clinic, Clever Cubs School). Check out their Thank You Video for 2012 supporters:

Does that not look fantastic?? I will post my video up here when I go there.

Three continents down and 3 more to go. Next up is Asia!

The Appeal Of…Part II

Ah Europe, how I love thee! I have been to Europe on numerous occasions. I always am enamored by its countless charms. It is a continued love affair since I have barely dipped a toe into the history, architecture and beauty that is all of Europe. I have been enthralled by western Europe but have yet to experience eastern Europe, an area that elicits much ardor from its admirers. Sadly,my stint in Europe will be shorter than I desire, primarily since it can be a costly endeavor. 

Although cost is a consideration I can not leave it out entirely. My heritage is in Europe (Finland) and it is time I come to know this aspect of my family’s history. That is an integral part of my plan. Visits to other areas of Europe are also swirling in my mind. Here listed are my intended “targets”, many ¬†I hope can be manifested into my travel tales:

The Appeal of:

London, England

L-O-N-D-O-N — enough said. ¬†In actuality this will likely be a means. Ryanair has flights from London to Tampere, Finland at reduced costs. Therefore it is a logical destination to include in my European leg. And I like London.

Paris, France

If anyone has to ask why I want to return to Paris, then they do not know me at all. Alas, I may not be able to return to my beloved Paris on this trip. Then again…


My heritage, my history, me.

Riga, Latvia

This may result in being only a station stop. Air Baltic flies from Helsinki to Baku via Riga. A possible stay here will hinge on flight costs and times.

Baku, Azerbaijan

This place is a must-see for me. I confess that my geography has been lax for many world areas (bad Eeva). Azerbaijan is one of those that my knowledge is minimal, if non-existent. I happened upon a Youtube video commercial by chance, an accidental click that piqued my interest. A former Soviet state that is now a mix of old and new, Azerbaijan has captivated me. I will also visit outside of Baku to see the contrasts of city and country. Considered neither Europe nor Asia, I plot to see as much as I am able.


Another desired locale that is a “maybe”. So much to see and learn in a country steeped in history. Istanbul, a city that is both part of Europe and Asia by way of the Bosphorus. A world of the past in Cappadocia. It will be hard to resist trekking to this much desired place.


Again, another “maybe”. In all honesty, Greece will only be a destination if a good friend of mine ¬† ¬†is able to go pending time, finances and our ability (or lack thereof) to plan.


An¬†archipelago¬†country in the Mediterrean Sea, Malta has seen its share of rulers. From Greeks and Romans to Arabs and Normans, onto Napoleon’s armies, the British Empire and finally independence, I am intrigued by this small country. How can I not visit and stay awhile?

There it is, my intended stops and a few hopefuls. I hope this comes to fruition. Next stop: Africa!

The Appeal of…

There is an assortment of reasons of why people travel where they do; many of them as unique as the individual making their trek. Others much more simple or even ambiguous. Regardless of that which drives a person to travel to their desired destination, it propels them out of their routine to see the world, hopefully, at a more intimate level. So it is that I have my reasons to visit certain countries/cities/destinations as well. Some logical and likely, while others have a more inane basis. 

With that I am going to do a series of posts of what my projected destinations will be for this upcoming trip and why I want to see them. Of course, things may change as time goes on and while on the trip itself. 

Here we go with the first installment (North America)…

The Appeal of:

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Truth be told, I will be going to my home town to spend time with my parents. I can not very well go gallivanting around this big blue marble without spending some quality time with my parents beforehand. They would not have it, nor would I. I also get to spend fun time with my friends in Thunder Bay (you know who you are)!

Toronto, ON, Canada

Because I like Toronto (to visit) and I have not been there in ages! Additionally, I have friends and acquaintances in the area. Finally, it is a transportation hub. Be it rail, bus or airplane the connections from Toronto are numerous.

New York, NY, USA

The only time I visited New York I did not enjoy it due to external factors that affected my outlook during the trip. I was  miserable and thought most of the city was too. I would like to re-visit The Big Apple to see if I will be taken in and memorized by its charms. Plus it just may be cheaper to fly to the next destination from New York than Toronto.

There you have it, my three intended stops of the North American leg of my world tour. Next stop: Europe!