After much waiting the final chapter in this ever-changing story we have the full reveal of which mascot(s) will be traipsing the world with RTW-traveler Eeva.  Speculation began as far back as January 2014 when Eeva voyaged to the crazy city of Las Vegas, home to one of the famed M&M World stores. There she found a travel-size Ms Brown. In her excitement she purchased the mascot without much thought of the twin Quatchis. Thus started the real competition for the mascot role. Prior to this monumental event the twins were a shoo-in for the role of mascot as Ms Brown was content to avoid  being squashed into an overstuffed backpack. The arrival of her “mini me” changed the situation immensely. Although the twins and mini have been seen frolicking together there is an underlying tension amongst these celebrity ‘frenemies’.

Travel size mascots vying for coveted role

Travel size mascots vying for coveted role

After much deliberation and discussion with all three key-chain sized stuffies a decision has been reached. Emotional talk and opinions have been presented. The consensus has had to be one of compromise and mutual respect.  As planned since the the arrival of mini-Ms Brown, the original is in the safe care of Eeva’s friend Jasmine. Jasmine is free to take her along on fun weekend getaways and girls’ nights at her place. Ms Brown is also centrally located to the owners of Blue and Green (cities of New Westminster & Surrey, respectively).

And now for the big reveal that you have all been waiting for (if bright lights and dancers were available it would be posted here – or you can just go to YouTube if ya really want 😛 ). The official mascot position is a no-brainer as far as Eeva is concerned. The National Questioner has it here, exclusively, in her own words: “It has to be mini Ms Brown. She represents me the best, however, the twins will not be left behind. They will come with me in search of mascot-less travelers who will gladly adopt them. There they can represent Canada proudly as they did in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I will also try my best to convince mini Ms Brown that hockey is the best sport in the world. And if she can’t accept that then she’ll eventually get the boot. It’s tough but I draw the line there.”

There you have it. This lengthy battle for mascot superiority has been resolved. All parties are happy and it has been noted that Ms Brown has at least been watching sports. Her time in the living room while Eeva’s dad watched MMA fights has exposed her to this new area of interest. Eeva is confident that she will come to love hockey. The twins have been hanging out in the kitchen drinking tea and looking forward to seeing Toronto next week. And as always, they were never in threat of being cat toys.

Thank you for following us here at The National Questioner. Occasional updates of Ms Brown’s adventures will be posted periodically.




As posted yesterday, there is new exciting developments in the slow but ongoing reports of the Travel Mascot competition). Sources speculate what may come but only The National Questioner has the exclusive story. To update new readers we are re-posting former articles with a final reveal in a few days. Who will it be? Ms Brown or the twin Quatchis? Hold on tight and all will be revealed in due course.


Now for the second installment of this gossip-inducing fiasco:

Sasquatch Sighting!!


Sources confirm that there has been a recent Sasquatch sighting in the Vancouver vicinity. In the late morning hours of Friday April 26, 2013 a civilian came across the furry, blue earmuff wearing creature. She was surprised to say the least. She was quoted describing her alarm: “Well I knew there was one in the area but to find a second one, well I was not expecting that, especially in my closet. Though, being one who adores this particular “breed” of Sasquatch I knew that he was inherently harmless”. 
Our sources have substantiated that the both Sasquatches have been reunited and are cheerfully displaying their Vancouver Canucks flag while wishing the awesome hockey team best of luck in the upcoming NHL playoffs.
As for the world-traveler and up-and-coming blogger Eeva, she now faces the decision of what to do with TWO Quatchis. Here is her story.




Developing story – Will the twin Sasquatches know as “Quatchi” have to fight to retain their titles as the mascots of Eeva’s impending RTW trip?

Inside sources reveal that there has been drama building since the arrival of Ms Brown (of M&M candy fame). The elegant and eloquent Ms Brown has caused somewhat of a ruckus, being so bold as to sit under the twin’s beloved Canucks flag. Quatchi 1 has not handled the situation well, having retreated to his “safebox” in the closet  He has yet to come to terms with this potentially devastating event. Friends are worried that Quatchi 1 may just stay in hiding if Ms Brown overtakes the roll of mascot. 

Quatchi 2, however, seems to have embraced the presence of Ms Brown after her arrival from M&M World in Las Vegas, NV. It would appear that Quatchi 2’s recent trip to Ontario has opened him up to taking risks, including befriending the charming yet potentially mascot-position stealing Ms Brown. He has taken to her classy demeanor and bold style. Is this honest admiration or is a more sinister intention brewing under those fuzzy blue earmuffs? Time will tell.

Despite the boldness of Ms Brown, insiders say she is not interested in the role of mascot. One source said “She’s too big – it’s easy to travel with the small ones.” Another was concerned that she may get wrecked. Ms Brown herself has not made any comments on the matter.

Despite the mascot rumour mill, ultimately it will be up to Eeva to determine the roles. Until now, nobody has asked her. The National Questioner has the exclusive. This is what she told us: “Yeah, Ms Brown is awesome but backpacking is not her style. I see her joining me on other types of trips such as a girls weekend to Vegas or a sun vacation to Cabo. Paris and Spain would definitely be her style, sans the backpack. The Quatchi’s need not worry. They are defo back packing material. And if a traveler is met en-route with out an accompanying mascot, one of them may be up for adoption – to a good home of course.” 

There you have it. The quandary of the mascot’s roles has been resolved. Both sides appear to be happy, even though Quatchi 1 is still in hiding…or perhaps just snoozing. In a related story, none of the toys have been of any interest to the resident cat, Piper and they can rest easy that they will not become cat toys.

My "Traveling Companion"

There are a number of (travel) blogs that I follow and among them I was happy to discover that some authors travel with a “companion”. As a matter of fact, I know of several friends who do the same. I was pleased to learn this as I decided, quite some time ago, to do that exact thing. It’s nice too know that there are others who have a mascot too. 

So who will be my buddy when I go RTWing, you ask? Well he is a furry, hockey loving, blue earmuff wearing, camera toting Sasquatch ! Back in February 2010, during the Vancouver Winter Olympic games, my BFF gave me a key-chain with one of the three Olympic mascot attached: Quatchi. He loves hockey – need I say more? Additionally, we make a good pair since he enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Oh and food. We’re a travel match made in heaven. Although I have not traveled with Quatchi yet, I intend to tote him along on my summer trips to visit family as a starting point.

I realized as I was penning this post that I should find Quatchi (tucked safely away in my rucksack along with all my travel gear) and have a fun photo op! Especially since the night before I learned that a fellow Couch Surfer also traveled with her Quatchi key-chain. I was spurred on to finish this blog post and snap some adorable pictures. I dug into my closest and hoisted my trusty bag onto my bed. My kitten was intrigued by a new place to sit in as I hastily pulled items and threw them around. Uh…where was Quatchi?! He was not there! I sifted through everything strewn about my  bed. He was nowhere to be found. I checked the junk drawer, silently scolding myself for putting this special key-chain in such a place. Nope! Not there either. Where is Quatchi?! I check every known place he could be. HE’S MISSING!!! What now? I must of inadvertently put him in the “toss/donate” pile when I moved in the fall. Replacing a 2012 Winter Olympic mascot key-chain was not that simple, I suspected. They were only available for a short time and in limited numbers. Three years later there can not be a store carrying them. Hmmmm…but this is the 21st century. The Internet to the rescue, specifically E-Bay. Not only do I find an unused Quatchi key-chain with tags still attached, he is being sold locally! I placed my order and picked him up days later. Easy-peasy! Gotta love the Internet!

So here is my “new” traveling companion. Piper was interested in him but I was afraid he might become her new toy so I had to remove him from her little paws. Quatchi’s first trip will be to Ontario when I visit my family in the upcoming months. I anticipate the day when Quatchi and I will begin our epic journey!  Onward ho!