Sunday Special – Dude Chilling Park, Vancouver

How often does a prank end up becoming an official art installation? Well at least once. Here in my city of Vancouver that exact thing happened. It was just  a bit fun that ended up becoming permanent after the locals in the neighbourhood thought it fitting to the area.

Back in 2012 a then mystery prankster decided to replace an official park sign with one that mimed the exact signs posted by the Vancouver Park Board, but with a different name. Guelph Park in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood was, according to the signage, now given a new name – a cool name – a name to reflect a long standing sculpture by artist Michael Dennis. The name placed upon this fictitious park placard was “Dude Chilling Park”.  Since the sculpture resembled ‘a dude chilling in the park’ it was a suitable change. Alas, the false sign was removed by officials, much to the disappointment of the neighbourhood. So much so that a resident of the area set up a petition to garner support. It worked. With 1,500 signatures in favour of reinstating the sign, Parks Vancouver did just so in 2014. And there you go, sometimes a prank goes awesome!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – User: The Interior

Dude Chilling Park sign, Vancouver, BC

Dude Chilling Park sign, Vancouver, BC

Photo Credit – City of Vancouver Public Art Registry

Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis

Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis



I am so excited! I just found out the dates for the 4th annual Hot Chocolate Festival. It begins tomorrow January 18 and runs until Valentine’s Day February 14, 2014.

During this time frame you can visit any of the 25 participating venues serving delectable rich hot chocolate and drinking chocolate. Add flavours like hazelnut, caramel, cardamom and much more and you are in chocolate heaven! Last year I only visited one location, Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France. A small unassuming shop tucked around the corner of Main St on 21st Ave, this space gave me the best chocolate drink I have ever had. It was rich, it was thick, it was a wall of chocolate.  I actually had my chocolate craving satisfied for some time. I may not get drinking chocolate again due to its intensity and richness but I will have the milder hot chocolate.

If you would like to know more about where to enjoy some of this sweet velvety goodness then check out the link below from VanCity Buzz or check out City Magazine. Your taste buds will thank you.


Hello hello!

Welcome to my blog, Wanders the World. If you are new here, thanks for stopping by. If you’re one of my readers who followed me over from my previous blog at Blogger (Eeva’s Wanderings) thanks for visiting. I am very excited to be at WordPress. I am new to this platform so bear with me as I adjust to it. I expect it will fantastic.

On this new-to-me platform I will add more pages, continue with “Sunday’s Special Spot” and keep you up-to-date on my planning for my big trip. And of course, the occasional adventure I have here in Vancouver.

See you here again very soon!