Sunday Special – Mexico City Centro Histórico (Historical Centre)


Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City – Photo via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

I have been to Mexico 5 times. All of those have been to resort destinations. I enjoyed all my vacations as I was able to unwind and get a tan. That being said, I do claim that I have never really seen Mexico as I have only encountered that one particular aspect out of all that this country has to offer. For today’s feature I thought focusing on North America’s largest city would be the place to start to learn more. Mexico’s capital has plenty of history so let’s begin on “where it all started”, so to speak.

The oldest area in Mexico City is the neighbourhood of Centro Histórico (or Centro). It dates back to the Aztec town of Tenochtitlan (1325 CE) prior to the Spanish conquest. The heart of the Centro is the 240 m / 787.4 ft Plaza de la Constitución, commonly called the Zócalo. One of the world’s largest squares it is home to numerous concerts, fun events, demonstrations and the popular Festival de Mexico. Adjacent to the Zócalo is the stunning Metropolitan Cathedral – the largest one in the Americas with its twin bell towers housing 25 bells each. To the north-east of the square is the Templo Mayor, a large museum built on a former Aztec temple and showcases many of its ruins. These few places barely scratch the surface of what this single area of Mexico City offers. With copious amounts of history, churches, museums, architecture, food, stores, and vendors I would say it is evident that the Centro is a place where one can wander for a couple days.


Mexico City’s Zocalo – Photo via Wikimedia Commons – Photo taken and owned By Flickr user schlaeger ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



Sunday Special – Dude Chilling Park, Vancouver

How often does a prank end up becoming an official art installation? Well at least once. Here in my city of Vancouver that exact thing happened. It was just  a bit fun that ended up becoming permanent after the locals in the neighbourhood thought it fitting to the area.

Back in 2012 a then mystery prankster decided to replace an official park sign with one that mimed the exact signs posted by the Vancouver Park Board, but with a different name. Guelph Park in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood was, according to the signage, now given a new name – a cool name – a name to reflect a long standing sculpture by artist Michael Dennis. The name placed upon this fictitious park placard was “Dude Chilling Park”.  Since the sculpture resembled ‘a dude chilling in the park’ it was a suitable change. Alas, the false sign was removed by officials, much to the disappointment of the neighbourhood. So much so that a resident of the area set up a petition to garner support. It worked. With 1,500 signatures in favour of reinstating the sign, Parks Vancouver did just so in 2014. And there you go, sometimes a prank goes awesome!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – User: The Interior

Dude Chilling Park sign, Vancouver, BC

Dude Chilling Park sign, Vancouver, BC

Photo Credit – City of Vancouver Public Art Registry

Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis

Reclining Figure by Michael Dennis


Personally, I find cemeteries to be peaceful, quiet places. A time to meander through the past, taking a glimpse of lives now elapsed. I have visited cemeteries in my hometown, my current town, Sweden and the famed Pere Lachaise in Paris. When I finally make my way to New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) I will visit it’s Lafayette Cemetery No 1 to learn a bit of the Big Easy’s past.

When the fourth district of New Orleans was still the City of Lafayette, on the grounds of an old sugar plantation this now well-known cemetery was opened in 1833. It is New Orleans oldest and cares for the remains of immigrants from over 25 countries and numerous states. There was never any segregation of religion, race or ethnic background in this resting place. A walk through it shows mausoleums, wall vaults and headstones speaking of the past lives of New Orleans.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA, USA

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA, USA


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – User: Russavia


Just a quick post to wish Canada a Happy Birthday and Happy Canada Day to all my readers. As a lover of birthdays (mine included) this is a favourite holiday of mine! The celebration the moderately young nation that I love so much! May all Canadians worldwide have wonderful day celebrating all things Canada. To those who have visited and would-be guests my wish is that you like my country as well and I hope as Canadians that we have/will treat you with kindness. I LOVE YOU CANADA!!