New Series Coming


Hello and happy Monday. I want to announce that I am in the works of starting a 5-week series of  interviews from fellow travelers.  These friends of mine have shared a bit about their recent sojourns to varied and interesting locales. My intention is that they serve as a “motivational Monday” for travel. I am waiting on a few more bits of information with an aim to start in 2 weeks. You continued feedback on this series in the comments area will be appreciated. Happy travels! 

Photo taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World


How well do you know the world countries?

Here is a fun little quiz to test how well you know the names of the world countries. You are given 12 minutes to name every country in the world. The countdown begins immediately. I was, to my disappointment, only able to list about 60% on my first try…

Have fun and comment on how well your first try went!