I love you Instagram but you’re bringing my travel life down.

Theodore Roosevelt said “Comparison is the thief of joy”. When we compare ourselves to others while seeing the worst of us then, yes, it is true. When we compare and say “I can achieve that too!” or “If they can then I can!” it does not apply.  However, in this particular case it is sadly is the former. Although I am not the most tech savvy I have made decent use of the technology around us. I use much of it in my daily life. And I frequently use social media. In fact, my favourite platform is Instagram. I enjoy sharing my photos and videos on my feed and in ‘My Stories’. I peruse the posts of those I follow and of various hashtags, delighting in the bright colours and locales of far away. I read the descriptions to learn of the photo’s story. I comment on stellar photos and wish to be there to snap similar pictures. I even use it for research – looking up and saving photos of places that strike me as potential sights for my sojourns. My commute times are filled with with Instagram images.

As much as I love Instagram I have, as of late, found myself thinking I should see as much as so-and-so user. Or look all the places that ‘they’ have visited. Sigh, I should go there because it’s trending!! I’m not posting anything new! And so on and so on. It’s enough to make me feel like I don’t travel far or wide enough. The more I look the more I think my travels are paltry and too few. Comparison is the thief of joy. What brought me so many ideas for future wayfaring is slowing being dismantled, photo by online photo. Comparison is thief of joy.

What brought this on I am not certain. Perhaps it is because I haven’t been travelling much or even being able to plan anything for some time. Perhaps because I have not had a specific destination in mind to focus on while figuring out where and when to go. Or simply I am unfairly comparing my life to those of others. That saying by Mr Roosevelt rings far too true. I have lost that bit where I can see my life for all the things travel has brought to me. I need a shift of perspective as well as a reminder. I may not have travelled to as many destinations as someone who I follow. Or live life as a digital nomad, living and working travel. Yet I have seen what I have seen. Experienced what I have experienced. I’ve nearly forgotten that I am so very very fortunate, lucky, and privileged to live and work in a country where I can travel with such freedom.  

It may be a good thing that this slump has happened. I’m still finding it hard when I am on Instagram these days. I try to remember that I can tell myself a different story. One where I will go where I want to go. And when I can. To work towards it and take the joy that comes from the entire process. I travel for me. To places that interest me. And for my own reasons, whatever they may be, in hopes of understanding more, seeing more and to love our world more. No photos on any social media platform should dictate this for me otherwise. So, Instagram I still like you and will continue to post and browse though I will change my story back to taking joy in hearing about various places. No comparison to that.


New Series Coming


Hello and happy Monday. I want to announce that I am in the works of starting a 5-week series of  interviews from fellow travelers.  These friends of mine have shared a bit about their recent sojourns to varied and interesting locales. My intention is that they serve as a “motivational Monday” for travel. I am waiting on a few more bits of information with an aim to start in 2 weeks. You continued feedback on this series in the comments area will be appreciated. Happy travels! 

Photo taken and owned by Eeva Valiharju / Wanders The World

The Importance of Gratitude

Thirty-two days ago I posted that I was starting 100 Days of Gratitude. I wrote that my first day on this challenge was a “bad day” in which I did not have a warm and fuzzy feeling. It took some reflection for me to take a lesson from that first day. I believe I have made some further progress. Although I have not had that joyous feeling of being on cloud nine everyday I have noticed that when I am tired, disappointed, appalled, angry, bored, etc that I think “something good has to be here somewhere”. It does not happen immediately, though it does make its way to my head. I am nowhere near bursting out in song to celebrate the many good things in my life, however, I am more AWARE. To me that is what is the root of being thankful. I can remind myself that I have it really well. My life, as all lives, has ups and downs, good times and bad, however I am seeing more and more how well I have it. And I am on my way to living my heart’s dream – to travel around the world. With all the tragedy and pain in this world, locally and globally it is easy to lose sight of so much. Many emotions come along it is important to hold on to the ones that can make positive changes in our lives and the world. Gratitude is one of them. It’s an important one.


Who doesn’t like a good festival? Big ones, small ones, free ones, music ones, food ones, holiday ones, religious ones, cultural ones and even silly ones. I would guess that there is one for just about everyone.  And to list them all would be a serious feat, one which I will not attempt. Every village, town and city has one so a quick Internet search should do the trick. Here is a listing of Vancouver’s festivals.

Now, how about those really big festivals? The ones you may spend several days enjoying or making a specific trip for? You hear about them from friends, on social media or even on travel/tourism websites. Today I will post a few of the big ones I’ve heard of and a great website that I found that lists even more!!

Here are some BIG festivals that I am aware of:

GLASTONBURY MUSIC FESTIVAL (U.K.) -This is a 5 day music festival held at Pilton, Somerset (England) and has been around since the 1970s. It is a huge celebration of music and performing arts. This year’s festival (June 25-29, 2014) is already sold out.

LA TOMATINA TOMATO THROWING FESTIVAL (Spain) – FOOD FIGHT!! This festival just screams FUN! I may not be into the music festival scene but I could go for throwing tomatoes at people around me. It is always held on the last Wednesday of August near the town of Bunol, Spain.

ROSWELL UFO FESTIVAL (USA) – I learned of this festival after being invited to attend.  I am not a UFO enthusiast, though, I think it would be interesting to check it out. Perhaps I will make there sometime. This 3 day event is being held July 3 – 6, 2014.

TOMORROWLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL (Belgium) – since 2005 electronic music fans have been able to revel in not only music but the creative psychedelic-type lights and decorations. With numerous stages and musicians this festival is bound to be fun! This year has the event over two weekends in July in Boom, Belgium.

BURNING MAN FESTIVAL (USA) – I know quite a few “Burners”. I am intrigued by Burning Man but am not certain I am Burning Man material – I am not one to really dress up in costume/cosplay but I heard such tremendous things about this particular festival. Held in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada during the last week of August, it draws tens of thousands of people looking for “radical self expression”. Incredible art sculptures, a focus on community and expression it certainly is attention grabbing.

SANTA CON (various world cities) – Somehow I have missed Santa Con every year since I heard of it about 5 years ago. Every year! Now it may not be your typical festival (its actually a pub crawl) but how can one not want to dress up like Santa with dozens of others and go from pub to pub? This is, of course, held in December.

So these are some of ones I have heard of time and again. There are many many more. Upon some Internet research I found a great site that has done all the work for you. They list loads of festivals all over the world. This is probably your best one-shop stop for world festival info!! Fest 300 has plenty of information for you to find out about a great festival.